Reservation another effective O2O marketing model

yesterday wrote an article "the pursuit of the perfect O2O closed loop mode, not to make a big cake" post, will soon have a few friends to contact the author, which is related to work a friend is engaged in O2O marketing, his company plans to achieve closed-loop model perfect, then officially listed the operation, while their competitors have started and the next line of business to discuss cooperation matters, so the more anxious friends. The author and his marketing ideas are consistent, want to cultivate a good market, and then slowly realize O2O closed loop, perhaps because each traditional industry channel experience because of it, it will be relatively close to thinking.

in my eyes, the marketing model of O2O network is the dealer channel a form only, the website platform plays the role played by the dealer and the general function of the same, at least think so for most of the small and medium-sized vertical O2O platform for the. After all, the entire O2O platform done very well, can not only meet the requirements for the next line of business from online traffic, while the consumption data stored in the web platform, analysis of the formation of a variety of big data after the consumer behavior mode…… These ideas by the author, are compared with no reality whatever things, because I have always believed that to achieve big data analysis website platform, the back and forth is that only a few giant, O2O vertical sites more grassroots to the final location finally still is a display based website trading platform.

, however, found in the author and many friends engaged in O2O marketing, their "perfect closed-loop mode" for that attitude, so that they ignore the idea of making money for the next line of business, which makes the author feel quite unbelievable.

as a traditional industry once the channel of workers, as well as a former Taobao owner, the author thinks that no matter how technological progress or change the marketing concept, channels always remain the same:

1, as a sales terminal, facing consumers, want to survival and development, we must take them as their parents, to observe their potential needs whenever and wherever possible, continue to meet their consumption desire;

2, as a channel agent, in the face of the final customer at the same time, but also take care of the upper reaches of the idea, considering their survival status, after all, when the channel hard for a brand to develop good channels, the upstream suppliers but because of various reasons to close the door before the collapse, not only spent all of his thoughts in vain, but also waste a lot of time, indeed The loss outweighs the gain.

therefore, as the O2O platform, we do need for those who are willing to cooperate with you in the next line of business of mutual trust, mutual support, common development, because for most traditional businesses, they want to contact the network marketing, but also need to have successful cases to convince them, and these successful cases, we often need to experience, and some insights can be said.