PHLPS tuniu lewd cross border to join the tour to enjoy double vision

recently, the field of 3C display market ushered in the upgrading of tide like a raging fire, one of the most impressive is the number of "lewd +" series display, not only attractive, even the name of cross-border cooperation play fast.

the summer two season, this is the peak travel, the peak will be continued until October golden week. PHILPS and tuniu why go together? The answer is the color! PHILPS’s global headquarters is located in Holland, is one of Europe’s most rich countries and gray, "Randy +" series display is the industry giant Holland PHILPS’s flagship of a wide gamut of star products.

In the

+ + Series listed, PHILPS monitor in order to give the user a more unique shopping experience and feelings, and played a send you to Holland, the temptation to travel banner!

just before the September 30th, the purchase of "lewd +" series of displays, and become a member of WeChat PHILPS, you can get $240 worth of travel tuniu lewd package, a chance to win 4999 yuan Holland town lewd Travel Fund



PHILPS’s lewd + series display has three members, unlimited version (three narrow border) was released in August, while the upgraded version of the display, wireless version of the upcoming shock display.

"lewd +" endless version display, Yan value more content, with 108% NTSC (CIE1976) excellent color gamut performance, exquisite appearance and fashion design with the three side of the ultra narrow frame, whether it is office or entertainment, can let you immerse yourself boundless, enjoy extraordinary.


upgrade version of the name is based on the best selling in the past, in a wide range of colors and shapes on a comprehensive upgrade, is a + + series of Yan value to play. 104.4% NTSC (CIE1976) wide color gamut, wide viewing angle PLS screen images to ensure bright, clear and simple, elegant design and colorful color light up your life and work space; and the wireless version will display many wireless screen cast intelligence application, its built-in WiFi module, three platform (IOS, fully compatible Android, Windows), seamless switching, no connection can let you experience the more free big screen fun, unique UltraColor technology can improve the image quality, vivid color display screen. Need to monitor also want to travel friends, do not miss it.


display and tuniu cross-border activities, in order to give you a double enjoyment of vision and travel; in frequent cross-border cooperation today, can use color elements to two brand industry giants in the summer season together, it Art beats nature. for! According to industry estimates, PHILPS "lewd +" new series in the display. Based on the best-selling last year, this year can basically realize double.