2009 the second e commerce Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in Shanghai in June 25th

broke the news: June 25th Shanghai Hua Ting Hotel And Towers, ShopEx with the domestic well-known e-commerce on the school on behalf of the network invited many heavyweight guests, teach the marketing crisis Breakthrough Road, sharing success cheats e-commerce! This forum by Fudan University scholars, the first financial commentator Mr. Jiang Changjian chaired featuring iResearch Yang Weiqing, President of electronic commerce magazine editor, the famous scholar Ting Chao Zhao and Lining group, the Jingdong, the mall, wheat bags, VANCL and other company executives will live on the road. In addition, many celebrities — VC IDG, Softbank, Jinsha River venture, Lenovo investment will also attend e-commerce site reviews participating business guests, looking for potential investment targets. The pinnacle of wisdom, wonderful collision, the climax of


ShopEx sent on behalf of the net annual Juxian, invite you and 400 domestic entrepreneurs together to chase the dream – 2009 second China e-commerce business forum".

meeting time and place:

meeting time: Thursday, June 25, 2009 (13:00-17:30


Venue: Shanghai Xuhui District North Caoxi Road No. 1200 two floor of the Hua Ting Hotel And Towers ballroom


main venue:

(a) keynote speech

(two) forum

1) or "network" of traditional enterprises and breaking

2) network — how to break


3) VC face to face

The traditional enterprise network operators of

e-businessmen status

e-businessmen of


e-businessmen competition and operation

how breaking? How to break the network potential



(a) B2B macro situation analysis (two) B2B distribution bottleneck how to crack

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