Traditional enterprise is the protagonist of O2O in the future how to change the role of electricity


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many users love to open mobile phone map, then search for businesses around the preferential information, such as catering, entertainment, hotel and so on, which is the main performance of O2O mode is mainly at present, mobile commerce. In fact, the mobile Internet is not a mobile provider to the user, but mobile commerce, the protagonist is a traditional enterprise. Electricity supplier to the end of the PC mode translation to the mobile terminal may not work. Mobile commerce era, the role of electricity providers will change it?

"O2O" (Online To Offline, that is, the combination of local business and the Internet) is a popular concept, it is a concentrated manifestation of mobile commerce. Combination of Internet and traditional business, the birth of electronic commerce; mobile Internet combined with the traditional business, the birth of a new "monster" what is Mobile? Commence (Mobile Commerce), or Mobile E-Commence (Mobile Commerce)? The answer determines that in the mobile Internet, the traditional enterprise and business enterprise who is the protagonist.

mobile commerce who is the protagonist?

mobile Internet is the traditional business Mobile Commence, rather than Mobile E-Commence." Ari industry analyst, said Huang Yuanpu, mobile commerce refers to the mobility of the business, the protagonist is a traditional business, and mobile e-commerce refers to the mobility of e-commerce, the protagonist is e-commerce.

communications observers Xiang Ligang believes that there is no pure mobile Internet era, only the era of mobile Internet and traditional enterprise integration. Mobile commerce will cross the Internet service platform, the traditional enterprise itself will become a service company."

has long been a misunderstanding is quietly untied. In the popular O2O concept, the online interpretation of the mobile Internet may be more appropriate, rather than the internet. Mobile commerce is concentrated in ‘O2O’." director of market management center Min Juanqing think.

in the battle for the mobile commerce market, the electricity supplier’s thinking is more like Mobile E-Commence, in order to compete for traffic entrance, they have developed mobile end App products, and even develop their own application store. More crazy is that some electricity providers started to cooperate with the mobile phone manufacturers, the production of their own mobile phone oem.

which has a relatively unique electricity supplier companies, that is Taobao. In October 25th this year, Taobao launched a map service to provide local business information and discount information. It saw a local life service platform, see the model of O2O.

local life service platform, High German, Baidu, 58 city, WeChat and other Internet companies are doing. Among them, the High German, Baidu’s approach is similar to Taobao, by providing users with geographic service >