Baidu Taobao Tencent website alliance to millions of small owners

China has a number of personal webmaster CNNIC latest data is that the domestic small and medium sites up to 3 million 230 thousand Cai Wensheng, chairman of the site, said the site, which more than one million personal website.

through the Adsense model from Google to get advertising into, after their important survival.

when Google will move to Hongkong China server, these millions of personal webmaster, before thinking ", as one after another to decide on what path to follow" the local Internet giant throwing hydrangea.


will be divided into 10% to improve the proportion of up to 15%, while improving the ability to achieve the flow of the site, the site will eventually achieve higher revenue." April 26th, Baidu senior vice president Shen Haoyu, said in an interview with this reporter. This means that the industry has been worried that the main competitors will be left alone, and may reduce the proportion of Baidu, made the opposite choice.

Zhu Dachen, general manager of Baidu

alliance, said in an interview with this reporter, Baidu’s new initiatives to improve revenue sharing, increase service support, growth and other three aspects.

, revenue, Baidu alliance will put into proportion increased an average of 10%-15%, will be more revenue to partners; in terms of service can be obtained through the technology alliance partner Baidu Baidu alliance, such as Aladdin and other aspects of the platform support, but also through the Baidu advertising alliance housekeeper, Baidu statistics and free tools for web traffic monitoring optimization, operation and management of advertising; in addition, Baidu also set up the "Ivy League" growth plan, help partner for the alliance business promotion optimization training.

obviously, Baidu hopes the three axes can take advantage of a weak point, many small owners "gestures". According to the reporter, after the small owners are not without choice, but the proportion of Google is relatively high. Personal webmaster Qiu Shida interview with this reporter, said: a PV (page refresh) for the 500 thousand sites, the same advertising, the same position, the same form, obtained from Ali mother every day is divided into about 50 yuan, from Baidu union can get about 80 yuan, and from Google ad sense can be divided into about $80.

personal webmaster who expect, after a series of Baidu union action, its gains from Baidu and Google had been flat.

in this regard, Shen Haoyu think: different sites, the ability to implement a different flow, Baidu Union after the implementation of the new deal, some sites may be higher than this level, some sites will be lower than this level.

for Baidu and other search engines, advertising revenue from the alliance is an important source of revenue. Baidu CEO Robin Li said: 2009 fiscal year, Baidu’s total annual revenue of about $4 billion 450 million, an increase of 39.2%, while Baidu union 2009>