The social network marketing practice of network marketing

long wanted to write such a network marketing in their own understanding, and the use of skills. Network marketing has become an indispensable way to promote the enterprise, this is beyond doubt. And, in the next few years, the network marketing will continue to heat up.

a few days ago to see such a department of statistics, said in 2009 the most popular professional network marketing ranked third. For the network marketing this new thing, has shown a strong competitive ability, engaged in network marketing staff monthly average of five to six thousand. Network marketing engineers average monthly income of up to seven to eight thousand.

network marketing contains a lot of skills, today, I will talk about the social network marketing. We are currently the main social network marketing is divided into several categories:

blog: Hexun, Sina, also can build their own blog website.

wiki category: wikpedia Baidu encyclopedia.

forum category: Tianya, laggards, etc..

SNS (Social Network):facebook, school, happy network, etc..

content community: Flickr delicicovs watercress.

podcast class: Sina blog and other

blog marketing:

we say that the blog marketing is not in some blog service providers to open an account, but to build a blog site, for the establishment of enterprise brand and image. In front of the blog for the establishment of external links is also a good choice, you can improve the ranking of the site.

The blog to establish their own brand image and the use of

, which requires the management of blog or blog authors frequently updated and published some attractive original, and the style should not involve too much personal and professional articles, so as not to affect the degree of customer experience, some enterprises of the latest developments and scenes of life can be the real response to the blog. Let the enterprise appear in people’s eyes, let a person feel the existence of living, rather than some cold pages and text.

can also publish a number of customer feedback, or a customer to answer questions publicly. Actively solve customer problems.

wiki marketing:

wiki marketing is also the establishment of enterprise brand and visibility. In fact, the release of the entire network marketing functions, that is, two functions, one, the establishment of brand awareness and corporate image. Second, the realization of online sales (but not all products can be online sales).

we mainly talk about Baidu Encyclopedia:

this is our website Baidu encyclopedia. Which contains a brief introduction of the site, slogans, the pursuit of goals, trends and so on. This is a more systematic information. Brand building