Ma came to Putian shoe manufacturers do business is to combat fake

Abstract: "China made" will exist as a long-term independent channel. In contrast, users easily confused "Amoy brand" refers to the attachment to the growth of Taobao’s brand, is a process from 0 to 1; and the "China matter made" is more like a process from 0.5 to 1, Taobao hopes to help those who already have some basic but not the establishment of brand enterprises, to complete the upgrade.

was originally just an unknown brand of sports shoes in Fujian, Putian. On the night of March 29, 2015, the boss Song Bin overjoyed, a lightweight running shoes to their home in the shop on the line less than two days, immediately sold out 20 thousand pairs.

line over the same period, Taobao, made in China, a total of 17 channels Putian local brands, a total of 170 thousand pairs of Putian shoes. With the Chinese made the heat, 4 days on the sale of all brands in the past 4 years, the total sum of all online sales. This beautiful sales figures are Taobao’s "made in China" project on the first day of the pilot in Putian.

"China matter" "quality" is not typos, but Taobao wants to change China traditional manufacturing industry is always inferior low embarrassing situation, specially launched the online channel, with Taobao big flow to create local brand China. On the other hand, may also be more important point, by guiding the transformation of traditional enterprises, Taobao has been criticized for a long time to solve the problem of fake rampant false bad play, not as good as persuasion.

July 20th, the interface has reported Alibaba because the problem of fake American Apparel and footwear association was shelling, Taobao is not fake problem for one or two days. Only in Fujian, Putian, for example, in Taobao, Putian and high imitation, fake and other words have close ties. According to incomplete statistics, only in 2014, Taobao seized Putian seller account on more than 120 thousand, which has reached 32 thousand fake sellers.

Putian is located in the southeast corner of Fujian, a total of 300 thousand local people engaged in online shopping related work. Due to the special geographical location, from 1980 onwards, Nike, Adidas, PUMA and other sports brands on behalf of Putian as a processing plant, footwear industry has continued to date.

but as raw material prices, labor costs rise, these big sports brands began to move the production line to Vietnam, Indonesia, Putian shoe also began to crisis. Data show that Putian has an independent production capacity of the factory in the vicinity of 3000, the annual production capacity of sports shoes can reach up to a maximum of 2 billion pairs, but the maximum idle capacity has more than 1 billion 200 million pairs.

in order to survive, Putian some enterprises started to go the wrong way. Compared to its own brand requires a lot of marketing costs, make high imitation shoes seem easier to make money. Although the local government and public security organs are fake, but with little success.

this is also the key to Taobao’s choice of Putian as the "China made" the first phase of the pilot – a large number of footwear manufacturing enterprises in urgent need of marketing and distribution channels, and this is what Taobao is good at.