Business search will lead the arrival of the era of network economies of scale

world is a for profit, all creatures were toami (to)! When a new generation of China merchants love network, when businessmen love business search, the world will "to web"!

network economy, with the globalization of the world economy, go forward with great strength and vigour, a trend which cannot be halted. But the real economy over the same period the economic scale of peak time, only when all the businessmen are in the use of the network, to our delight, this era has been coming!

network world, from scratch, from numerous to jane!

ten years ago, when we excitedly drove "Hayes treasure cat" to a 14.4kbps speed first name of a manic "information highway", we find that people regret is not fast enough, but the "high speed", before the road is up four Gu heart at a loss, because no ya but can not see the direction of the network, but also no way to determine what station is the destination"! The roadside desolate and bleak, only to blame when the site is too small, or 00, to form a road landscape Xiangyingchengqu, although the tour attracted passers eyebrows, but fell just inviting chou!

back on the Internet, but not today so vast, prosperous network information. We have access to the Internet, but still can not find what we need and we are interested in things. At that time, we can only accidentally, with the YAHOO wind, every day wandering in akachi. So, when the generation of Zhang Zhaoyang shouted "go out on the map, look on the Internet for Sohu, we feel that we have been wandering in the information superhighway, finally have their own signs, have their own gas station, also can finally see exports and billboards!

network development speed beyond people’s imagination, in the past can not find information on the Internet, the development can be found through Sohu, Sina, etc.. Only 2-3 years, people will have access to the standard entrance, because here we have a collection of commonly used, looking for information, which is the so-called "portal", that is, the entrance of the internet.

, however, the explosive development of the information society is highly concentrated, a bit of a surprise to us. The same is 2-3 years later, we found that the highway becomes upset you is not without purpose and style, but everywhere full of every hue website and flowers gradually to charming eyes, can not Asakusa horseshoe. The confusion of the world that we don’t know what to do, how to choose a challenging job. Because we can’t remember the website address and the name of the stock market.

, Sina and other Sohu are due to "who is the first portal for countless unknown awfully, but very good all kinds of stations such as top-notch people out of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, regardless of who you are and who is not the portal portal, more don’t care who is not the first portal, this time the users return to rational care. Is no longer the" I see "," I found ", but who can let me quickly find the" I love "," I choose ".