Legend achievements Chen Tianqiao has not been able to keep the grand group

almost every successful entrepreneur will own success because of the dream and the cause of the stick and stick. The road of entrepreneurship, is always full of thorns bumpy road, can get real, totally depends on success through the 99 to eighty-one. The philosopher tells us that in the face of difficulties, never down, don’t give up. However, this seemingly simple truth, how many people can do it? Chen Tianqiao’s demise, in addition to not be able to hold the heart, what else?


This year,

NPC and CPPCC, Robin Li, Ma Huateng is still the focus, everywhere he was besieged. In contrast, the first representative of the Internet to attend the two sessions, in 2008 was elected CPPCC National Committee members Chen Tianqiao, almost no sense of presence. At the end of the meeting, he left the car on his own, and came up with a few reporters.

from the former Chinese’s richest man, the king of public opinion, to now 10 years, "No one shows any interest in, Chen and his grand


founded from 1999 to 2004 NASDAQ grand, perfect counter attack, Chen Tianqiao spent 5 years. 2012 Shanda delisting before 7 years, Chen is not in the parent every hour and moment of transformation. From the royal box, the grand literature to the candy community, cool six nets, then Chinese richest Chen Tianqiao every time to break ground breaking seemed determined to win, but without exception, all died of depression.

addition, internal management, some of the Department of the grand idea has been widely criticized. "Foreign monks chanting, his monk can only run away." There have been staff after this evaluation, the company’s internal management is not smooth, resulting in unstable people; transformation strategy is tasted, can not form a sustainable industry, a large number of high-quality resources are wasted.

indeed, executives leave the tide has been plagued by shanda. Li Yu, Tan Qunzhao, Zhang Xiangdong, Chen Fang, Linghai are chosen from grand turned away.

industry decline, transformation is invalid, the personnel turmoil superposition of multiple factors, leading to the former king Sheng Dayi fell down step by step.


game by fortune, but hate the game

about Chen Tianqiao’s family history, had spread over many scripts. The most famous is how to use the market expectations of Chen, the flow of ports and a small amount of money in one fell swoop at the time of the Korean popular game Legend proxy story.

from the grand trajectory of development, regardless of the authenticity of the legend, the legend has helped the rapid rise of the business of Chen, and the completion of the original accumulation of wealth.

1999, Chen Tianqiao got $3 million from China financing, the establishment of a grand network. His business is not smooth, the animation community has no income, Shanda has been in a "burn dead" rhythm.

2001, Chen Tian >