Stationmaster net Shandong branch of the grand line

Shandong webmaster to rise, Lee shouted out a new

      today, June 6th, is a good day. Shandong webmaster have a happy thing in the good days, admin176 (head up) – station network (Admin5) Shandong Branch officially launched. In the early stage of the preparatory work, a grassroots leader Zhang Zhengjun China Lu graph king webmaster recognized help, was able to successfully launched here on behalf of the admin176 staff to express my heartfelt thanks to graph king, we will put the graph king enthusiasm and selfless dedication to more webmaster.
      Shandong as a big economic province, Haier, Hisense, Luneng, wave and many other well-known enterprises, IT hardware class, Shandong online number second in the country, but the development of the Internet is relatively backward in other coastal areas, due to the far-reaching influence of the thought of Confucius and Mencius, Shandong has always been introverted and the relatively conservative ideology, the emerging Internet industry in Shandong is not good enough, not big enough. Fortunately, Shandong people have been aware of these issues, are trying hard to break through, Shandong webmaster immoderation, emerging Internet grassroots forces are making unremitting efforts.

      June 6th, Shandong station off, we have our own organization, one belonging to the Shandong Grassroots Family embraced life, work and study in the country of Shandong station. Admin176, based in Shandong, the development of more focused on the Shandong network, Shandong focus on grassroots development, is committed to building the information center, trading center, Shandong station Wangzhuan center, training center.

      we invited the "Shandong daily" wealth center senior reporter Ren Feng as the general counsel, in a timely manner to Shandong webmaster survival state and difficult society, let the whole society to pay more attention to the grassroots webmaster, as a webmaster to bring more platform for self display and access to investment opportunities. At the same time invited the Internet veteran commentator Mr. Liu Huafang as a long-term observer of the station, grasp the pulse of IT, guide the Internet wind direction. We have also contacted a number of IT experts, will be free to set up a free training seminars, so that the new generation of webmasters to grow rapidly, to provide a grassroots grassroots to enhance their ability to learn a platform.

      before starting this website, I said: to create this website, not what brings income to us, only hope that Shandong stationmaster can unite and work together to make up the Internet business in Shandong. I am not the best in this group, but through our website, so that more young owners benefit, I hope they can grow fast….

      Shandong webmaster strength is not bad, >