Liu Xingliang micro blog is the next two or three years to lead the largest platform for innovation

internet lab President Liu Xingliang


technology news January 8th afternoon, Adworld interactive marketing world held today in Beijing, IPS strategic development director Xiabo said Sina Technology interview, micro blog ( may be the next two or three years to lead the largest platform for innovation.

below is the full text of the interview:

Moderator: Sina

friends, good afternoon! I now is the location of the Oriental Jun Yue Hotel, held here today is the Adworld2010 interactive marketing forum, we are happy to have Mr. Liu Xingliang, President of the internet lab to give us a talk last year the entire Internet industry hot topics and features of Internet innovation he paid attention to the problems first of all, please Wu to you say hello.

Liu Xingliang: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I am Liu Xingliang,

anchor: Liu is Sina’s old friend, last year we also pay attention to the Internet industry also has a lot of new things, including video games are also very active, very hot, also appeared new things, including blog, in your opinion is the most characteristic of the Internet last year show what kind of the trend of


Liu Xingliang: I was in my blog also rated ten events, including deep in my impression you mentioned in the video industry, the video industry last year should be a very busy year, I believe that at least in the past not so busy, the future may also be not so busy last year to year, especially a busy year. There are several aspects, first of all, there is a trend of the people into the country, such as the introduction of the national network of television stations, including local television stations have also built a local network, which has a lot of variables.

second, in the first two years, because the video industry is divided into two categories, a video sharing, one is the main content of copyright. Two years ago, the video sharing is booming, but the development of copyright is not too good. In the 07 year I wrote a blog, to the mainstream information video website, we watch the news on Sina, at present the video which? Sina video is developing steadily, especially the copyright of the mainstream information things, the two share better.

recently entered the national team, including Baidu, NetEase also want to do copyright, this development, including Sohu, cool 6 and other non copyrighted content, which is the video industry. There is a lively SNS industry, including last year is very lively, you see Baidu’s hot list and the list, last year’s search for SNS sites, very much, including stealing food is also very popular. I had SNS divided into three areas, the first is the thermal bubble, is doing better in 51.COM, second people playing, China have happy network, campus network, third is the successor, China Sina micro-blog and so on, a little bit bigger website development of micro blog.

is also the online games industry, last year, the development is very vigorous, should