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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 29th news yesterday, Baidu announced navigation APP free, followed by High German also announced the High German navigation APP also free. This also allows navigation to enter the free era. This is only one of the two announced after the first free can not help but feel the smell of gunpowder!

Baidu navigation relevant responsible person said, relying on the tide of the mobile Internet, free navigation software is the trend, both the cost of navigation software will be free to subvert the pattern of Baidu navigation. Three hours later, the High German announcement, announced the main profit business High German navigation permanent free. "High German navigation ‘free of charge, is a deliberate decision. We hope that through this move for more owners to provide professional navigation services and a full range of value-added services around the driving trip, to further facilitate their travel and life." High German chairman and CEO from Wu said: free, High German will remain unchanged two. First, the ‘High German navigation’ R & D investment unchanged, two is the commitment to service users unchanged." A high German insiders, in fact is the High German navigation free strategy has long been identified, is preparing for tomorrow held a news conference to announce, did not expect Baidu first announced a free policy, let High German be taken by surprise.

who who is not important after all, it is important to declare free this is no doubt the entire navigation market subversion. From the map to navigation, Baidu will mention the front desk of the LBS business, and become a positive rival High German, both sides of the public opinion war has intensified. The free navigation war, that the number of people also smell the breath behind.

mobile phone map has been regarded as the entrance of the mobile Internet, and mobile navigation as a driver for the location of the user’s service application is a further refinement of the mobile map market. Free will undoubtedly attract users, Internet commentators Wang Liyang believes that free is the best means to attract users, navigation applications will also produce the Matthew effect, is the embodiment of the most authoritative users, when new users find this application has been useful to many users, this can feel this is the best. Although the High German navigation market share has remained in the first position, but followed by the share market are not so much energy-saving, coupled with Baidu on the navigation market look at fiercely as a tiger does, High German navigation is necessary to quickly enhance the user capacity, stable market in the first place, it can further expand the service life of the local market.

from the increase in the weight of LBS, to buy shares of everyone’s website glutinous rice network, Baidu also intends to expand the local life service market. This also means that Baidu and Ali assets will be the first in the map and navigation on the collision of the branch, and the rules of the game, who mastered the upstream entrance, who mastered the market dominance. Free is the most direct and effective way. High German to receive the original 50 dollars of High German navigation, China’s most professional is the best navigation soft