The first domestic legal business green dog network infighting iffy

a legal insider said, after the green dog network mainly by sending letters to delete the letter to get income. CNR financial network Beijing on June 25th news (reporter Tang Ming) according to voice of the economy, the "world" report, the first domestic legal business green dog network was leaving employee rights, a feud started.

a green dog network employees told the world company, has been submitted to the labor arbitration department to apply for arbitration, requiring the green dog network to pay compensation for the illegal termination of labor relations.

: I don’t think I can stand it any longer, so I submitted an application for arbitration on Monday, which is now being processed.

green dog network was founded in 2012, specializing in e-commerce law. Statistics show that the green dog network in 2013 announced funding for 11 million 500 thousand yuan, the investment side of Morningside capital funds and real grid Dai Zhikang, now it comes on the eve of B round of financing.

the former employees said recently, the green dog network produced a number of employee turnover, including the former marketing director, former director of public relations, the former technical director, in charge of the original product, former director of sales channels, employees have left the green dog net. Some of the employees, due to job changes, lower wages, forced to leave.

the former employee told the "world" at the end of May, he received a letter sent to the human resources department of the mail, due to the ability to work and attitude does not meet the requirements of the job, he was fired.

staff: first, I do not meet the job of marketing department BD. Second, I said in go-slow, work time browsing video website. Third, I said that I split, engage in small groups, spread rumors against the company.

but the resignation of employees but that the company does not have sufficient evidence to prove these reasons. To this end, the world company today to get in touch with the green dog network, but as of press time, the other did not receive an interview. However, the green dog network issued a public statement said: dismissal of employees in full compliance with the relevant state laws and regulations and labor regulations. To respect their privacy, green dog network will retaliate, announced the employees who violate the rules and regulations of the company and occupation moral; any objection to the staff, welcome to reflect on the labor department, we will submit sufficient evidence to justify our decision.

In fact,

Green Dog Network suspected infighting behind, mapping out the electricity supplier is this legal development model of the storm.

reporter login green dog network found today, green dog network is promoting free company registration services, can help people who want to start the business, the company completed the registration free. A legal insider said, after the green dog network is mainly issued by the lawyer to delete posts to get income.

and these businesses have previously claimed that the green dog, to do legal services Tmall far apart, there are different opinions on the future development of the green dog.

legal expert Zhao Zhanling believes that most of the legal services can not be standardized, which is