Daily topic video sites into the tragedy of the copyright crisis caused by homemade drama into life

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 27th news recently, the video industry is news constantly, Ali shares excellent soil soon, then Hunan announced under the program in the future no longer cooperate with other new media, all the mango TV broadcast alone! The world cup this year, CCTV is not open to any video site broadcasting rights, only through their own CNTV broadcast. Video site can be described as a tragedy!

for video website copyright is a big pain point, and good content can bring traffic, so the major video sites have at high prices to buy the broadcast rights alone.

The introduction of

video program has been a mainstream video site for fat head broken and bleeding, but with the increasingly fierce competition in the video industry, and video websites become friends to watch the video of the first, spent on video sites copyright fee is rising, the copyright is high enough to make people speechless. The variety of video programs for example, public information, Tencent video winning the three season of "The Voice of China" network broadcast rights alone and in the fifth quarter "China’s Got Talent" the whole network broadcast rights alone, including the third season "The Voice of China" the whole copyright fees in the industry is expected to reach 250 million yuan.

if all TV stop on the video site copyright authorization, no show the content of the video site of the huge loss of media copyright tighten its self-produced programs, which means that in a certain extent, the introduction of video sites video content is no longer can be solved with a huge amount of things. Content sources become problems, formal copyright becomes a problem, the video site seems to be caught in a dilemma. Only on the road to homemade drama!

in fact, such a ban in the traditional media is not happened in the early days of the Internet, up into the impact of traditional media have also had to make their choice be taken by surprise, the union blocked way to deal with the challenges, but such as forum, blog, micro-blog and other Internet products, through the UGC model, the Internet giant with the advantages of the platform, successfully differentiated repeatedly blocked. This video website ban is no exception, the same TV, competition is intense, all kinds of arts section of the homogenization is the best evidence, in fact, can the flourishing of the column, a year is so few, that is to say, the traditional TV media content production, does not fully represent the quality and meet the needs of the market.

, of course, there is a field or TV content are not match, that is UGC. Youku advantage in this aspect is particularly evident, analysis of Youku users demand through the Baidu index, several well-known gaming commentary search heat even more than a lot of entertainment and drama. The advantages of such a long tail in the short term is difficult to shake, and easy to form a snowball size effect.

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