Webmaster still posting f you want to succeed you should change your mind

before the official start of this article, a brief introduction to personal background: 06 years began to study SEO, webmaster circle, the best time to personal blog SEO keyword row to Baidu’s second page. Later ran the portal, B2C mall, is a veteran in the webmaster business for more than 8 years old, now have their own operating companies.

said so much, is to show that I am not a novice, on the contrary, the time to mix the circle may be longer than most people. The following related content, no advice, just a person’s words from the bottom of the heart.

loose blog I often go shopping, such as A5 webmaster collection of the site is also basic every day. Do not know if you have the same sense, since most of the webmaster posted content gives an impression of me is: for so many years, why do people still do the same thing, in the same post


index, keywords, long tail, included, K station, optimization, flow, the chain, content, original. Every day, a lot of webmaster forums will emerge numerous posts in this regard, covering almost all aspects of site optimization, promotion. These posts regardless of the content quality, it will be more of a novice, conscientiously study and worship. If the content is a bit better, a little case regressed point, is known as "the amazing post" and "expert", triggering a new round of the climax of learning.

every day, it was claimed that he will be in a short period of time the number of keywords to do Baidu’s home page. Every day, will burst a webmaster to site operation how long, how much income has been million.

Under the atmosphere of

, many new entrants get such a wrong impression: as long as I seriously study these methods, skills, the place to do in place, it can be equally successful.

but when these people really started to practice, we will find that regardless of your original content, how to combine all the details of the optimization in place, the site is the legendary "No one shows any interest in, the monthly income of over 10000" is in sight. At this time, "predecessors" who will tell you that it is not enough in your technology, you need to continue learning. Or that success will not be so fast, insisted that victory.

then another round of forced work started, so the cycle, success is still a long way off.

this time your outlook on life will begin to change, began to doubt yourself, the original ambitions began to be hit, and even to the end completely abandoned.

Where is the root of the



as a person, he also experienced this stage. Fortunately, in the end I "Enlightenment", although not be said to have come ashore, but at least have long seems to stand than most moisture. The following is what I understand, it may not be able to bring you success, but you should be able to harvest something.