378 com and other 7 digital domain overseas stolen value of about 4 million

renamed China (eName.cn) July 3rd hearing, according to the domain name, 378.com 696.com, broke the news, 8225.com, 002.com, 332.com, 056.com, 498.com and other 7 days ago in the digital domain name stolen, according to industry estimates, the total value of the stolen domain of about three, four million yuan, at present, the domain name has been transferred to the GODADDY platform.

it is understood that the 378.com domain had hosted on the enom management platform, the specific identity for the domain administrator temporarily unknown, for reasons of domain name theft also is not known, but because of theft usually tries to take a relatively low price, fast to get rid of the stolen domain name, so investors do not buy the stolen domain.

is 378.com, 696.com and other investors in the acquisition of stolen domain name, domain name, must pay attention to distinguish to purchase the domain name "identity", especially for those unknown source or origin "domain name, not easily shot, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

from the current situation, the management mechanism of enom and GoDaddy platform is not perfect, lack of supervision, procedures for the transfer process is too simple, once the domain management account theft, mail theft or related domain name registration, may cause the domain name theft, visible, very good domain name management platform. In the domain name transfer, only with strict rules and regulations of the platform, to ensure that the domain name will not be easily hijacked.

at the same time, because most of the domain name theft is due to domain name registration mailbox stolen, resulting in domain name theft, so the user to protect the security of the domain name account password.