A gold mine that you don’t know

According to the

security domain and the Internet in the field of global leader Wei Ruixin (VeriSign, Inc.) in 2015, the latest release of the domain name industry, as of September 30, 2014, the total number of registered global top-level domain reached 284 million.

because of the continuous development of e-commerce, in recent years, domain name trading has been very hot. In early 2014, millet phone to $3 million 600 thousand (about 22 million 430 thousand yuan) heavily, the acquisition of the domain name "mi.com", and after the Jingdong is to spend $30 million, the acquisition of the high priced 2 letter domain name JD.com.

domain name prices, the "domain name trading" in this industry into the eyes of the world. A good domain of hundreds of million, or even millions, commonplace in this industry. Unfortunately, today, we focus on the domain name – the Internet’s most basic facilities, still stay at a very low level.

domain name in investment transactions, corporate brand image, and even cruel business competition can play a huge role, has been ignored by most people in the Internet era.

neglected huge gold mine

May 2011, pan Zibing and his two partners, the establishment of the Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. micro news, from only 60 thousand yuan start-up capital, out of 50 thousand yuan to buy a domain name weixun.cn, and that his company is also the worm in the 2000 yuan monthly rent farmers housing, they also used two hand computer office.

"we actually first consultation is the.Com domain name, when the price is about 200000, we have no money to buy, then buy the".Cn "on the top." Pan Zibing, general manager of Shenzhen micro Communications Technology Co., Ltd., said that in second years, the company earned a profit of $400 thousand, then spent 200 thousand, the company’s.Com domain name to get the.

in Pan Zibing view, a company with the identity of the domain name has incalculable value. In China, we used to search the company’s Web site with Pinyin, and the company’s name in line with the Pinyin domain name, the user has the advantage of other domain names are difficult to match. And a good domain name to bring the brand advantage, the advantages of the Internet portal, are immeasurable.

com is the international top-level domain, CN is China’s top domain name, in general, the value of the COM domain name is about ten times the CN domain name." General manager, Shenzhen Diyao Technology Co., 88.cn (search meter network) founder Zhang Yao said that the majority of people, especially the person responsible for the company, due to various reasons, has not given enough attention to the domain name, to take a lot of detours in the development of the enterprise.

"a concise and easy to remember domain name can not only save huge advertising costs, has a huge role in promoting the company brand promotion also, Zhang Yao believes that enterprises in the beginning of the domain name, if enough attention, when in the enterprises, the province with huge domain name.