Taobao Taobao recruitment ultimate cheats customer seller

first article: to understand how Taobao customers choose products

1, Ali mother background search to find


– General will search to the promotion of the target in the background when Ali Mama, baby in the search for the promotion of Amoy who has several major factors that determine your search rankings:

30 days, the 30 day promotion commission expenditure amount, the rate of commission, the commodity price, the cumulative amount of promotion.

so we always want to focus on these factors to grasp and promote your products, comprehensive grasp of good!


as a small seller, just do not want to start looking for those big Taobao customers to cooperate with us, because Taobao customers with our position is the same as the seller. Sellers themselves are not able to sell the goods, and then to the cattle Taobao customers he will be very strenuous. Taobao customers also need to spend their own resources and costs to drain on their website.

We can use

sellers pay forms in Taobao (such as train), the first to do their stores and merchandise sales, the best title of a commodity, in the short term by some guest activity increased 30 days the amount of promotion to attract Taobao customers, this is the most efficient and effective way.


is a Taobao main push off, radiation-proof clothes, I choose the products, usually the first 30 days to see the expenditure Commission, and in consideration of the Commission, the basic situation of the comprehensive investigation shop fortunately, conditions are relatively good products, promotion will be selected in the list.

note: some of the more powerful Taobao customers will add the seller QQ further inquiries such as store customer price, conversion rate, cost and so on the train data, some Taobao customers most will take payment means to promote (such as bidding, purchasing, advertising network alliance forum)

this time, we can face to face with these Taobao customers to communicate, and to highlight the sale of our products, the advantages of our store, or directly to a higher commission as a temptation.

2, related Taobao Forum Forum to find

general Taobao guest will be active in a number of Taobao guest forum, webmaster forum, these forums will be opened Taobao customer business forum for business recruitment. Many Taobao customers will also look for targets in these places!


common Taobao guest places are:


customer community: Ali mother community, hi push forum, forum, dragon elite super stationmaster forum,

in dry cargo

webmaster community: A5 forum, webmaster Home Forum, BBS and so on!

the seller can go to the relevant section issued a creative and attractive recruitment stickers, or directly buy advertising and zhidingtie.

3, API automatically calls

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