A wave failed CMS five points on the development of the software industry the status of China

I was invited to attend the 2014 New Year’s Day held in the ancient city of Ganzhou in the house of the "2013 Jiangxi Internet association," to tell the truth the whole year will be relatively short, but although yet exciting, including A5, 360 Large Hadron Jijun Guo V full scene, the waves from Shanghai CMS beauty director at the end of the small Xian on a thin gold body Heart Sutra calligraphy works, let all participants with a partner due to sit up and take notice, "exclaimed CMS wave first, China IT in calligraphy circles overwhelming step light dust!" also let me into deep thinking.

once upon a time, these meetings are composed of one of the hard work of the webmaster, but today it is replaced by the Internet Conference, and those who are not the era of the roaring of the owners.

five years ago, I had said in a commentary in the "hole dynamic variable into easy, fast wind became the" crazy Johnson ", and today I have not said the new wave of CMS has also entered the" turbid ". Due to the normal development of the site are high-end portal, are usually used by CMS, also make me waves CMS attention more than any other similar products, on the return train again encounter at the end of the small, so I have to carry the handwritten critical articles.


today can still be called CMS wave CMS system leading, and new year’s day in 2014 the industry’s first zoomla! CMS2 x1.4 to open out a wave of virtualization and cloud management of OS, but the five aspects of the error especially:

error of a point: don’t think the product is good, only for programmers is king

wave CMS chow and his team has a professional engineer of this complex, emotional and Luo Yonghao teacher engineer complex is different, I will not work overtime for 3 consecutive nights, as is the improvement of an algorithm or dozens or even hundreds of times a BUG test.


in the year 1 January, zhulang software will release new products, a little experience of the people all know, new year’s day to the Spring Festival this time is all network, vacation time, and not many people paid attention to the new, but the head is a dead wave CMS drill in the end, always "released products in the industry the first time, the results being creative and copy to say (behind the text will say to be copied), often let their entire spring festival into the traditional publishing work.

wave CMS marketing personnel often said: "we are only in the face of developers, rather than the ordinary users, it should be said that" this is wise in three years ago, it is because of its accurate positioning and see the trend of the data, and not as a group of products become advertising code and pornography the website construction tools. However, after all, this group of programmers is still too narrow, can not afford a larger marketing platform.

error fulcrum two: you do not need to do the best, can not fall on the ground of a good product is not a good product

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