The advantages and disadvantages of physical stores and online stores

my business for many years, in 2002, I began to do a shoe store, now has five stores. Later, around with friends in business, I also opened a shop, with more and more money to earn, I more want to put their own experience and to share with you today, I will first talk about the feeling of the shop store and shop it, I hope to help a friend to do business.

one, investment, operation and risk

my first physical store investment of almost 70 thousand, the investment of the 200 thousand, the third of the 360 thousand, and now, I am in HiShop, my shop opened an online free online shop. You know, open a store generally need high cost, including rent, water and electricity, staff, publicity, and tax! "I open a shop in the shops, these costs are free, but the risk is far less than the shop, the store, such as shop without fear of theft, fire and other irresistible factors.

two, management costs and purchase

these years, five stores to manage their own, I was tired to death. The management of the store is really complicated, goods, staff management is my thing. However, open shop is worry more, but is also the most tired and customer chat, confirm the demand. If you have the money, please call a full-time customer service. So business friends said, the store has a lot of daily chores to deal with their own shop is relatively easy. However, if you do full-time shop, and business is relatively large, it should be more tired. When it comes to supply, only do the store without internet friends, may the news is narrow, and the store by Region (shop around the audience) influence, and the shop will have forums, blogs, and the modern communication system to provide us with more and more timely information.

three, turnover and revenue

my sister to do shop earlier, she now has more than the profits of the store. In the early days, the store may not be as good as the store, but with the longer the shop longer, shipments will be growing, supply and service to do better and better, the business will be thriving. Now, let’s talk about the service.

four, do business, service is very important

The ancients cloud

, acting day, Austria, and. This person and well, used in the mall, that is the service. I am in the store, every day to do the service is warm reception, sincere recommendation, good after-sales service. The clerk is also always keep smiling. The high cost of the store, the risk is greater, of course, need to be careful. "In my shop" platform to open a free online service, I have another chat network, open a chat tool, to meet customer demand, many of them just ask, but I’m not irritable and impolite. Therefore, as a successful businessman, whether it is a shop or store, are to provide customers with high quality service.

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