How entrepreneurial companies do public relations old school a good story


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Some time ago,

Luo conference once again maxed out the circle of friends, seems to be the mainstream media are very happy to see a personality kuangjuan are beginning to converge slowly, although in the process of the old Luo more or less showed reluctance, but most of them look out, fat tired. Of course I can’t comment on the old mobile phone, refer to the king freely, after all the small life is important; but the old public relations aspects of the watch is still good. So this article does not blow, not black, simply analysis from the angle of public relations, how entrepreneurs like Luo, tell a good story of resonance.

for the early founders, the highest goal of public relations behavior is to let users have a "resonance", Ma and Robin Li, grassroots counter attack and technical elite story, which is more attractive? So as a start-up company CEO, first of all have to learn to lower the figure, into the grass roots, to analysis the role of user public relations.

resonance first: analysis of user roles

Internet Co is popular user portrait, such as 80, 90, 18~25 years old, male and female users classification and so on these labels, but they are really effective? This is actually a very simple user classification method, we take millet here for example, PR role classification of millet, but it is still based on MalcolmGladwell "the tipping point", the most famous theory of the tipping point, is the role of communication is subdivided into contact members, experts and salesman. These three attributes we here from Chen pu.

said the most classic case of a breakdown of users, how to find the first batch of millet to help them take the initiative to spread the seeds of the user, then rely on the aggregation of MIUI (a group of geeks users is the earliest Rice noodles), by virtue of these opinion leaders in complete fancier social marketing, early millet slogan why is defined is born to have a fever? This is a very suitable for the first use of the user millet slogan, with slight geek attributes ("experts" and "salesman"), and on the other hand, through social networking tools and the line circle ("liaison"), users see is white a "forum of God" recommended by the ultra high performance models, as well as hanging silk culture to bring their intimacy, all this was later wrote the famous "sense of participation", as a textbook To sell out, but the "sense of participation" is derived from the "tipping point".


The reason

is because this example take millet Lei do better, in fact, Luo millet always want to go this road, but can’t figure, symbol of Luo Luo powder caused, not outside people to choose a partial upset hammer mobile phone. So we see the corresponding adjustment in the last year, such as the introduction of the birth of entry-level nuts becomes significant, which indicates that the hammer also want to expand the target population, the young and middle-aged crowd from partial original to young students of the new machine, in fact, Luo.