Chinahr com first appeared Yao Jinbo said the 58 acquisitions will invest 1 billion yuan

Sohu Science & Technology / Yang Shufang

the afternoon of July 23rd, was the 58 city after the acquisition of debut in front of the public. As a new representative is the appearance of the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, including the new development strategy of also announced by the old yao.

Yao Jinbo said that the 58 city is expected to invest 1 billion yuan to support the development of This part of the funds will focus on team building and marketing. Apart from the money, he also intends to tilt in personnel and resources. Such products will be part of the city’s 58 team in, as well as through outdoor advertising, television, film and television drama Title implantation, reshape the brand awareness.

at the same time, will launch a series of self evolution plan. At the user level, including the existing product upgrades, the establishment of WeChat recruitment platform. At the enterprise level, the focus will be on the high-end talent pool, HR training system, the establishment of campus RPO business, etc..

public information, was founded in 1997, has worked with Zhaopin, future together in the traditional network recruitment in the field of a situation of tripartite confrontation. But several unsuccessful strategies lead to the market failure in business decline.

The development process of

in in, has changed hands several times. Has experienced today’s capital, as well as two foreign Monster and Shang long. In May 8th this year, was the acquisition of 58 city.

according to the data of the 58 city, the mobile terminal traffic accounted for 66%, in the automotive, real estate, recruitment and service of the business model of the main 4+N ecological chain initially formed.