Fake website cost only one hundred dollars to regulate the nternet



Taobao.com home

fake, although the figure in the Taobao home page layout, but there are a lot of different colors, logo and other identical, did the "spirit" has been reported before, to management for consumer checks.

Mr. Wang in the online shopping, fake Taobao Alipay page cheated 200 yuan, this surprising thing is not the first place. Reporter survey found that the low cost and management of the production of fake sites is not strict, giving a huge living space fake website.

Mr. Wang said, in February 3rd, he was playing online games, someone selling game cards to him. He was followed by QQ contact with each other, the other sent to a Taobao Alipay ", Mr. Wang has two times to pay 100 yuan to each other, but two days later, Mr. Wang has not received the other sent cards. Through the Alipay system after the inquiry found that the two money in the immediate plan to go.

According to Taobao

"payment rules should be confirmed after I received the card, in order to get the money call each other." Mr. Wang said, but the actual situation is not the case, so he was very confused. Mr. Wang and Alipay customer service to reflect the situation after being told, sent to each link may be counterfeit Taobao Alipay ", Mr. Wang cheated.

from the previous appeared fake commercial bank website, to Mr. Wang’s experience, although consumer awareness is improving, but why these fake sites also appeared frequently? Reporter survey found that the low production cost of fake websites, to create favorable conditions for criminals.

can easily find a variety of websites on the Internet of individuals or companies, fees are not high, and some include domain name registration, but the cost of more than 100 yuan, and some even free help. Reporters with a website to build personal Zhang contact, said he wanted to build a shopping website, want to be similar to the Taobao page. Zhang understand the situation, gave reporters two ways. If the journalists understand some web knowledge, free to download a website template, modify the color module, oneself, make spirit taobao.com site, do what almost no cost. Another way is to help them to provide the source code of the site, but to pay a certain fee, almost a few hundred dollars."

reporter telephone contact with a number of sites built by individuals or companies that have built a website similar to the well-known Web site is not too difficult, but if it is completely similar to the contents of the project is relatively large. "Like no problem." These companies do not pursue the purpose of phishing websites.

Reporters call the

and Internet management related departments to understand, for the low cost of making fake website, network supervision departments to investigate the main report on the website, the Internet domain name registration mechanism cannot be counterfeited management, rarely take the initiative to fake website. It’s hard to fake a consumer before a fake website