Chengdu two men steal 35 million 850 thousand game gold jailed for 10 years

news February 6th, the Chengdu intermediate people’s court before the law concluded together through the network game to steal game player game gold sold for the giant money case, the court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to theft, to eleven years imprisonment and fined eighty thousand yuan, another defendant was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, fined a fine of thirty thousand yuan.

At the same time

crime on the two defendants and detained by the public security organs, 160G 250G hard disk 2, the host computer 27 Taiwan, 29 Taiwan flat-panel displays will be confiscated, the public security organs to arrest illegal income car 1 small town to be recovered.

court found that two people from Shuangliu County to town a community residential site, to purchase more than 20 computer, employ more than 20 people working for them. From October 2007 onwards, to be privately purchased Dong special Games security card "Trojan horse" program to provide Internet traffic by taking "," traffic business "to use the program to steal a game online game player game account and password to provide to the town, to the town of East two people to hire personnel division, arrange employment using the game player game account and password, a" Hummer "and used to directly enter the privately purchased Zhen Dong interception procedures crack secret security card after entering the game player game, game player to steal account of the virtual character game gold and transferred to to the designated account. Then, to arrange and will steal the game coin to each of the price of about 0.02 yuan resale profit. To March 2008, the ending time of the incident, two people were stealing to Zhen Dong game gold more than 3585 months, by stealing gold sold for more than 70 yuan of illicit money. After the incident, the public security organs seized the above-mentioned crimes and the use of equipment to a small car.

court held that to Dong two people for the purpose of illegal possession, through the network game, using secret means to steal others to achieve the real property value of the property, a huge amount, their behavior had constituted the crime of theft. The two defendants in the common crime of theft, no obvious master-slave points, but to provide a hacking program, for Town Accounts and passwords, arrange employees stealing gold coins and resale profit, which is greater than another defendant, the court then made the decision according to law.


said: virtual property is not a real property and the existence of the transaction can have property attributes

Chengdu intermediate people’s court as the presiding judge of the case, to two people through the network game, the theft of the game coin is a virtual currency, but it is still a form of virtual property, virtual property is virtual but is not empty, it exists in the network space, reality game player to possess and control and punishment.

at present, our country does not prohibit the transaction of virtual currency in the network space, so the virtual property still has its value, its once and real property transaction, the value of virtual property has social reality, which has practical significance on the value, also.