Jet Li founded Kung Fu vertical content site street power into the short video industry


technology news February 21st news, today launched by Jet Li, kung fu class vertical website content and its English force street name officially launched, the future of the platform will be released on its own team to create and place in the world, the original kung fu kung fu series of video. Jet Li forwarded the relevant news in micro-blog.

official, street force is a Kung Fu, to knight spirit and life style as the spiritual core of Kung Fu sports entertainment content production and promotion platform, the target audience for the world. Its core business includes Street based network media community, its own team led original video content, as well as the emerging IP derivatives generated by the above two operations.

in the street force platform, will bring the traditional Kung Fu outside MMA, boxing, taekwondo as young group, fusion of Kung Fu elements fitness, hip-hop and extreme sports concepts such as broader "Kung Fu" and "Fu chao".