Parenting Network new domain name is not afraid to be enabled by a low key cottage

May 3rd, according to insiders, Parenting Network (formerly Aibao Mommy nets) officially opened the domain name, before the old domain includes all two domain names are 301 redirect processing. The new domain name enabled activities in the May Day holiday low-key, which marks the Parenting Network is stepping into the mature development of the road, showing the shape of its image, to create a brand and strategic direction of outstanding personality.

happy to adhere to the rapid development of

Parenting Network formerly Aibao Mommy nets (related news: Aibao Mommy nets why fire, just two years time, a website developed into today a set of knowledge of pregnancy, parenting, baby style, cooking demonstrations, family emotional, financial shopping, leisure and entertainment as one of the large a comprehensive family community, thanks to their "life, service life and philosophy has always been" low-key and pragmatic style. It is worth mentioning that the forum and unlike the traditional portal that binding domain two, but the direct binding of the domain name, "so, as long as the user input domain name, you can directly enter the forum and tens of thousands of moms online instant communication, do not need to go home for the Forum entrance, is conducive to enhancing user experience, the site responsible person said. It also shows to some extent that Parenting Network pay more attention to user interaction and communication. "Of course, we also have knowledge of information, the nature of the content, we call the nursery school, which is ready for the new moms". It is understood that, in order to enhance the site’s practical and scientific Parenting Network, years ago launched the nursery school channel, be arranged, targeted editing the pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum and stages of baby care education and other knowledge, practical improve website, better service to the maternal and child populations. When asked about the Parenting Network will not go to financing in the process of development, when go to the commercial development of the road, the person in charge said: "after the new domain name enabled, we will approach in scientific parenting knowledge, tips, etc., put more effort, we will not blindly expand, parenting network have happily insisted. More than two years, we do not care to adhere to 2 years, 3 years".

had no intention of "cottage" others, not afraid of being "cottage"

when asked why people will choose the site for the domain name and website will be renamed "child care network", this time, are not considered to be a well-known site of the copycat version is said: "the choice of the domain name and renamed" Parenting Network ", can more clearly reflect the location of our website. We have no intention of "copycat" anyone, just like people and people, although sometimes will duplicate names, but everyone will have their own unique personality, similarly, various versions of the Parenting Network a lot, but we have our own unique atmosphere of the community and cultural heritage, "