Phpwind Ji’nan exchange will be awesome Shandong nternet entrepreneur

"search for new opportunities, meet new friends" place in the exchange will be held successfully in Ji’nan in March 5th, the Shandong area nearly 300 owners of the atmosphere overflowing passion.

the meeting by Ali group’s universal station software and service provider phpwind to join the Taobao alliance held, Sohu micro-blog live micro-blog live broadcast. The meeting aims to integrate the Alibaba, Taobao group Taobao platform merchants, payment system, Ali cloud computing, phpwind and large local community resources and valuable experience, the Alibaba’s overall e-commerce platform, community construction platform of excellent technology and products to the Shandong area of Internet entrepreneurs.


Ji’nan City Commission by letter information and services department director Zhao Peicai on behalf of the local government, speech, analysis of Internet entrepreneurship policy environment, and put forward the support of information technology, high-tech venture enterprises, encourage Ji’nan and the Shandong area of Internet entrepreneurs and discussion are shared on the Internet development trend under the new place entrepreneurs how to better use of various resources, seize the opportunity, quickly existing Internet companies with the environment and local economic development coordination, common development.

2010, is generally considered to be the development of Chinese small websites, a new era of entrepreneurship, the ecological environment of the new wave of the Internet will be formed with open platform of small and medium sized website cooperation, each small website, we need to consider how to position themselves in the ecological environment of the position, what type of platform products can help make a web site the depth of its cash resources.

based on this background, as a long service in the 1 million small and medium sites phpwind, in the continuous improvement of the basic station software, proposed to build a new community of ideas. Through the introduction of Alipay group’s mature system of Alipay, Taobao sound credit system and standardizing the transaction process and quality of goods and the seller, help the community to create e-commerce ecosystem. On the one hand, the existing content of the community and the depth of the flow into revenue, on the other hand, optimize the community’s e-commerce environment to further assist the site to enhance active and interactive, thereby enhancing user stickiness.


at this meeting, Chen Liaohan, vice president of phpwind introduced Amoy link, Amoy satisfaction, a group of three daily community e-commerce application tools. For different attributes of the community, Chen Liaohan believes that local and industry communities have their own advantages. The industry relies on the relative accuracy of the site, the user segments, suitable for online transactions or merchandise promotions. The local site is to rely on geographical advantage and local business resources, quickly set up a localized channel or buy sales promotion. Jiangsu and Zhejiang to a county-level city BBS as an example, a posting in 3000 about small town portal, every 10 new goods posted, every day the number of orders sold more than 200, the data is very stable.

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