Google false advertising suspected of being implicated in fraud

            December 4th Heilongjiang TV news night exposure caused by Google Advertising fraud.

              07 years of Guangzhou Honda, 90% new, non non pirates rob, license, not to sell thirty thousand. Longjiang used car network this link advertising attracted the attention of the Harbin people’s attention! Telephone contact, the other party requires one thousand yuan deposit. The money has passed, and the other party has made new demands. Said the car from Guangzhou sent to Harbin, need to pay four thousand yuan of the risk of gold! The other car to a box to pay off the balance! The little sun paid four thousand dollars. But the money did not pay long, the other side of the phone, saying that the car has been opened to Wuhan, but the car out of a small problem, need to be repaired, but the driver did not bring money. Ask the sun to pay five thousand yuan to the driver’s account. The car will be in Harbin in three days! At this time, komago a suspicious, each other again and again for money, grew more and more like television. So the sun with a liar to do a deal, but the other side has disappeared without a trace!

              a small sun this just know cheated! They believe that since it is used in Longjiang to see the links on the Internet, the site should be responsible for! Reporters telephone contact with the Longjiang used car network owners Ma Ning, Ma Ning said the ad is provided on the Google Advertising, with their own. The site is only linked to the Google alliance ad code, advertising content is generated by the Google advertising system, should find google!

                it is understood that the case has been handed over to the police detective.