Google recently updated a number of stations reduce PR PR

Chutian Webmaster Station CHUTIANZ.COM latest news: the number of owners according to reliable sources said this month Google PR value or range will be big update. In fact, Google PR value of the update in June 15th and June 16th have been updated, this station reporter Liang brother found large website PR a lot of PR7 was reduced to PR4 and PR5, and even some PR8 site was reduced to PR3. Here are some of the sites that have been updated by PR at 8 a.m. on the morning of June 17th, and have been reduced by PR:

listed above are well-known portal station, just above listed part of PR8 station is reduced to the results of PR5, PR7 and PR6 is not listed, you will know to check. Thus, in 2011 Google also started to update the PR value. Please begin to pay attention to your site PR will be updated today, it is estimated that the next two days is the time to update the big PR. The PR update will have a process for their own webmaster website PR value is updated no, welcome to all expectations. (reporter: Liang Ge)