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days ago, news aggregation technology headlines today received a new $one hundred million round of financing, but the valuation of up to $500 million. The fall, attendant is denounced the media, saying it violated their copyright. Faced with these questions, look at today’s headlines founder Zhang Yiming how to say.

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geeks Park founder Zhang Peng and today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming dialogue record:

Zhang Peng: why do you think there is an argument about copyright? What are the critics’ demands?

Zhang Yiming: behind the debate is actually a huge " gap " is a different understanding of value. I found that there are indeed some traditional media thinking is also the focus of the media in the plane itself, they are not thinking about the network to do a good job, or get more users through the mobile Internet, which is actually a pity. Of course, we also see some of the traditional media in the new media center with us very good case, they want to have more links to their content.

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I found no clear demands, but since the media will make the point clear. They had a big shift, and some settled after they saw the criticism. Because of the impact of traffic, because it can find more readers. We are now the media platform can be put advertising, the media can be placed in the introduction of WeChat link.

A clear appeal is their

, if the future of today’s headlines become the content of mobile terminal entrance, the distribution of benefits to more content providers, if we really become very powerful, not diandaqike, I think this appeal is reasonable.

Zhang Peng: the storm’s different attitudes and reactions, in fact, with the change of the entire media environment. In the PC era, the era of digital information began to appear to have such a critical wave. Because it was found that everyone in the media portal online news, no one to buy newspapers and magazines. Now you are to connect users and information through the mobile Internet, print media feel seems to be far away from the user, and they found themselves establish the value of the site has been robbed of mobile Internet applications.

Zhang Yiming: PC era is actually like this, you will find that many of the site’s fifty or sixty traffic from search engines. Although there are sites, but the entrance is Baidu. And now the changes on the mobile Internet, is the cause of the changes in the industry. Mobile phone does not install hundreds of reading applications, so it will be more import effect of some of the collection. In fact, we found in this process, along with this round of the process of moving up the new media, in fact, we are very welcome, like 51 cars, know the ball emperor, we have a very good help for them.

Zhang Peng: this kind of help is that you put your stuff in today’s headlines, and then bring them traffic.

Zhang Yiming: Yes, this >