Zhou Hongyi product six words just pain and high frequency

introduction: enterprise most stupid, is to a nonexistent market in money, and as I said, you see the demand is actually a pseudo demand.

text / Zhou Hongyi

for many traditional companies to embrace the Internet and spend money to buy technology is synonymous with nothing but cloud computing, big data, social networking, mobile terminals, these concepts. But it is the so-called Kung Fu in poetry, the only way to test the technical innovation or the user pay, the product can solve the problem of users, can bring value to the user, which is to promote the sales of productive forces, but also to establish competitive differentiation and promote the progress of the industry strength.

I recently read a book called "product manager methodology", it put forward the idea of the show I thought that products must be settled, in these six words, just pain and high frequency. What is the meaning of the product must be just the user needs to solve the user pain points, and the use of the scene to occur frequently in the user’s life.

Reasons for failure of


we see countless failures in the market every year. Why is it that companies that fail to do business need to reflect on whether you really have to find the user’s needs. "Product manager methodology" author Jork · Busuttil said it very right, enterprise most stupid, is to a nonexistent market in money, and as I said, you see the demand is actually a pseudo demand.

is now a variety of intelligent hardware, touch smooth, but ignored a premise, the user does not want to buy this thing, because there is no demand. There is no need to solve the pain is not the point, is the pseudo demand. Do the product is not the biggest restriction is not a good experience, experience can be changed, the biggest problem is the pseudo demand. We think about how many intelligent hardware conference is to skip the user needs, assuming that users love my product, the user will use every day, just talk about material, shape and technology, which is wrong.

there are some products do not have it? Yes, but without it, the user can also, I call it the "itch point", rather than pain points. Any great strategy is cut from such a small point. Some people boast about what strategy, in fact, the strategy is to find the user just needs and pain points, and then do a product to solve it. As for the solution of the good and better, this is the experience of the problem.

why so many companies can not focus on user needs? Where is the problem? The problem is that before the product development, you do not solve the problem of uncertainty. "On" the book product manager method is pointed out the problem: the uncertainty exists because of the lack of information, lack of information about you is because very little local market knowledge, and all of these uncertainties will eventually translate into risk, the risk will be converted to the cost caused by the product failed completely. Therefore, before the development of any product, you need to carry out strict assumptions and research, find just need to find the pain points.