Cai Wensheng Mobile nternet is an important opportunity to follow the next year

in November 19, 2011, by the Shanghai City College of science and technology venture fund, jointly organized by the entrepreneur and the Global Entrepreneurship Week Chinese Station Committee "new venture Master" Finals held in Shanghai International Conference center.

Cai Wensheng, chairman of the era of science and technology,

networking in Beijing as a judge to attend the competition, and made an impromptu speech. He said today that he learned a lot, but unfortunately did not see the projects in the field of mobile internet. Cai Wensheng said that the mobile Internet has changed a lot of things, has really come to people’s side, which contains a lot of opportunities, entrepreneurs should seize the mobile internet. He stressed that not wait until a few years later, next year is very important to follow the point, if you can occupy a certain share next year, there will be great opportunities for development."


figure for Cai Wensheng in the finals of the scene to give an impromptu speech (photo source: Entrepreneurial photography / Zhang Feng)

for the following text record:

Cai Wensheng:

this time to attend the meeting quite rewarding, first to see the students thinking and spirit more and more today, several projects very regret, did not see the mobile internet project, in fact, the mobile Internet has entered into our life, to accelerate, now if we do a little late, until today iPhone users in about Chinese twenty million, there are roughly seventy million Andriod, HTC, Motorola, ZTE and HUAWEI will be more than one hundred million, more than fifty million, more than two hundred million next year, close to three hundred million are possible, QQ in the third quarter of this year, at the same time online downward trend shows that all things are in turn to mobile internet. Give me some more important examples. Public comment two years ago, more than PC mobile users, mobile phone users in the last year exceeded PC users, the company’s valuation reached 1 billion. Sina is a traditional company through the mobile Internet transformation is a very good example, micro-blog also through mobile phone access to the Internet, Sina micro-blog now also did not earn a penny, it does not prevent access to the mobile Internet company, I believe you are useful Tencent WeChat, Tencent has less than half the time, one day is active the users in about thirty million, add up to nearly one hundred million users to download. If the application site now, I suggest you start, these items can be IOS or Andriod application on mobile phone application, I put up a project to do Andriod, they started from a few hundred to a few thousand year downloads, a start is very difficult, about two months ago daily downloads reached 50 thousand the highest one day reached 120 thousand, in PC Internet users everyday downloads reached more than 100 thousand, QQ spent almost three years, so I think the mobile Internet is changing all our things. In fact, the most important point of view to change our smartphone, I think NOKIA is the ultimate mobile phone, apple created an era, it turned the phone into a computer, mobile phone >