Jiubang digital channel denying closed cuts for the internal optimization of all channels are reserv

Phoenix Technology News October 17th news, recent media reports said 3G portal parent jiubang digital began large-scale layoffs, in addition to retain the sports channel, bookstores, most of the rest are directly off the channel. Jiubang digital denied to close the channel that says all channels are reserved, and the layoffs to internal optimization.

Jiubang digital

this morning announced that the company’s 3G portal business implementation of about 100 of the total number of companies accounted for 12% of the downsizing plan, is expected to be completed at the end of October 2014. Jiubang digital said the layoffs is to redeploy resources to strengthen and expand the platform of GO series products, and improve operational efficiency will enhance the benefit of mobile products.

Jiubang digital

CEO Deng Yuqiang said: "following the announcement of the second quarter, we at the strategic level, energy and resources back into our mobile application platform based on GO series products to. We believe that the restructuring plan will enable us to more effectively allocate resources to help develop their own mobile business from two aspects of their own development and strategic acquisitions."

at the end of last year, jiubang digital jiubang digital Nasdaq, but can be listed mainly thanks to Android desktop beautification GO desktop series products. Jiubang digital second quarter earnings report, as of June 30, 2014, the total number of users jiubang digital Go desktop series products reached 436 million people, an increase of 53.5% over the 284 million people as of June 30, 2013. Revenue from mobile applications and services to 52 million 900 thousand yuan, while the company’s total revenue of RMB 100 million 100 thousand yuan.