Ali sports and on line a platform this time it is the turn of running

Pingyu, gaming, running. Platform, platform and platform.

running may be the lowest of all sports, so companies want to run the business. Participate in the Olympic road race such as large marathon operators, and sports brand Nike, it has developed a running APP Nike+Running. Has always wanted to do, China’s sports industry based platform Ali sports also released in June 30th the international network of road running union WORA.

WORA has always been the most talked about platform Alibaba. According to the idea of Ali sports, settled in these platforms, including event organizers, event organizers, sponsors, professional sports associations, as well as sports APP and intelligent hardware technology company. In the conference site, a dozen such companies came to the scene that joined the WORA, including the sports marketing company CSM, donkey mother travel network, tiger running, Wyatt laps.


, WORA and Ali had launched sports Pingyu home and E-sports platform, is still only a prototype. How to integrate these resources into the platform to integrate, we need more time to study." Ali sporting events director Tao Jing told curiosity daily.

this is the Alibaba to enter the entertainment, sports and other industries face the biggest challenge. The concept of the platform is naturally derived from the Alibaba’s best business. Alibaba to find businesses, and then find consumers, will be able to facilitate the transaction. Because of the success of this model, so Alibaba in the entertainment, sports and other industries also want to copy this model.

in the past six months, Alibaba’s companies engaged in related industries launched a number of such platforms. Their music has Ali Ali Ali planet, sports were launched Pingyu homes, E-sports platform, and this time WORA. In the single released pictures of Ali also stressed this point, they and other film and television companies, rather than go to the movies alone.

these different platforms have their own characteristics. Because the film industry threshold is higher, so it is found Ali Pictures film company, rather than Ali electricity supplier as a completely open platform. The characteristics of Ali is a big planet, planet APP in Ali comprehensive, covering almost all aspects of the music industry chain, sale price tag, the concert stage design, naming investment projects prices above to computing.

Ali sports these platforms are selected to specific events themselves. Pingyu homes and E-sports platform in the on-line time is only related to sports user registration function, and by this way the accumulation of the first batch of users Ali sports.

WORA is no exception, an event called Wo.Run will be July >