Quick Taxi network transmission taxi software cheat fill Raiders difficult to achieve

central broadcasting network Beijing on January 28th news (reporter Ji Lele) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, recently, a netizen posted two taxi drivers and cooperation on the Internet, taxi software fraud by a single cheat subsidy "raiders". In this regard, the reporter interviewed a quick taxi relevant person in charge.

has released two individual users and taxi drivers cooperation on the Internet recently, taxi software fraud by a single cheat subsidy "raiders". In this regard, a quick taxi public relations director Ye Yun said that this strategy is difficult to operate in reality.

fast taxi leaves Yun: the director of public relations from everyone looked very fun, really operate, you know that this is very difficult, it is difficult for you to specify the driver to pick you up on the list, your information is also sent to hundreds of peripheral drivers, how can you be sure the driver he will be able to grab me? Sometimes we looked at some of the network piece is really fun, but you really have to operate once knew, in fact, the feasibility is very low. You said you can not find a few more than a few drivers to register a number of this fact there is a problem, that is, you have to register itself is very difficult, no one will go to 10 dollars to toss.

Ye Yun believes that now is the pursuit of consumer taxi trip efficiency, if only to spend a lot of time and energy to 10 yuan subsidy, but will The loss outweighs the gain.

Ye Yun: when we get off, the driver is also anxious to live, passengers can try so hard here, he toss for half an hour with you, even earn 10 dollars, he also lost.

Ye Yun said, in fact, at the beginning of the project started, it has been taken into account in order to prevent fraudulent access to subsidies, technically set the barrier.

Ye Yun: in fact, many people may not know, our cooperation with Alipay’s, it is not supported within a week with a driver to repeat payment, so you may not have a week to one driver hit two money. We do a taxi for such a long time, Alipay paid for such a long time, when the introduction of an activity, how silly to leave such a large loophole.