Electricity supplier microfinance profit model has yet to be questioned policy guidance


days ago, Suning Appliance Company Overseas announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong Suning Appliance Limited company and related parties Suning Appliance Group Co., the company intends to jointly initiated the establishment of "Chongqing Suning microfinance limited, registered capital of 300 million yuan to develop, the purpose is" to provide innovative and convenient financial services products the supplier, solve the financing problem". This is following Ali, Jingdong, Suning began to get involved in the supply chain financial services. Some analysts said the huge profits of small loans also attract more and more electricity providers to join.

financing mode has positive significance

Internet users believe that the current business between the "war" from the "price war" to fuel the financial sector, the electricity supplier of small business loans to a certain extent, solve the financing problem of Small and micro businesses, but there are aspects of the profit model, compliance and risk control issues need to be addressed, calling for the country the introduction of relevant policies to be clear.

for the above Suning and other electricity providers to provide small loans to financial services practice, netizens affirmed its positive significance.

"octopus Xiaofeng" micro-blog said the "electricity providers of financial or small business financing platform is the financial channels, this channel is not to allow banks to become smaller, but let small businesses become ‘big’! And is of high efficiency and low risk financial channels."

"and a" micro-blog "supply chain financial services, using its own funds, to provide financial support for SMEs in the downstream, (this is) a very good model. Supply chain finance services in monopoly industries, in addition to the above advantages, in the long period of settlement of upstream enterprises’ interest tax levy settlement "".

signed Huang Junlei netizens said, from Ali to Jingdong, Suning, are aimed at the field of microfinance, designed to help partners grow together, to create a positive win-win ecosystem. Microfinance in the field of explorers blue ocean, a huge business opportunities. The three will set up a banner and guide for the scattered microfinance firms in the region. China’s industrial economy, especially private industrial enterprises, need to establish a sound financial channels and platforms."

"in the" Xuefeng "micro-blog believes that (this) is the effective solution to the financing mode innovation Small and micro businesses, is a useful complement to the bank rather than competition, the state should vigorously encourage such innovation to carry out


profit model and compliance has been questioned

Internet users said that Suning is likely to take Ali model, that is, through a detailed understanding of the merchant’s credit, the completion of the audit and payment of loans on the Internet B2C. And for the customer, then the third party through the line to assess the completion of lending. Some netizens are expected, Suning subsequent shift to provide consumers with financial services is one of the development ideas.

, however, there are users of the electricity supplier involved in the supply chain financial services expressed concern about its profit model, compliance and risk