Huge influx of B2B entrepreneurship early standing on the air but still in the early

Abstract: since the beginning of 2012, there have been B2B projects to get investment. 2014, B2B total financing of the industry reached 5 times the previous year. The little sheep, who had been hiding in a corner of the grass, finally caught the wolf and the tiger.


if the 2014 business is dominated by TOC, 2015, B2B (Internet plus enterprise service) venture capital is taking the line of sight.

but this is not a new field. Ten years ago or even earlier, some companies do business management services began to try to implant the Internet gene. However, compared with the now tens of millions of dollars in financing, over the past ten years, these companies have been in a state of suffering.

in the field of the Internet, B2B can be said to be a very special industry, its development in China than the United States ten years later.

massive influx of

recently, B2B City Distribution bird distribution obtained by Sequoia Capital lead investment, latitude and longitude China, Jinsha River, Shanda joint venture with the tens of millions of dollars to invest in the level of B round of financing. Hotel B2B online direct trading platform spider network access to the capital of the joint venture capital investment A round of investment. SaaS venture company to enjoy the sale of the customer to complete the D round of $100 million financing.

Prior to this,

free platform for the enterprise to obtain the goal of the tiger fund $60 million B round of financing, valuation of $300 million. Jingdong to HK $1 billion 300 million (about $171 million) for the approximately 10% of the shares.

these figures were almost unimaginable until 2012.

vice president Cui Jian told the first Financial Daily reporters, the company was founded ten years, when the company up to less than 50 people, the most difficult time and even do not know where the next month wages. 2013, the goal is to get a $10 million round of financing A tiger fund.

IDG Capital Partners Niu Kuiguang said that over the past 20 years Chinese did not appear big B2B growth firms, the reason is China before there is a big demographic dividend; in addition, enterprise service software is a big problem of piracy.

in fact, B2B in 2007 had a period of fire, that year is also known as the first year of SaaS, when the concept of SaaS and cloud began to spread, do cloud computing companies up to 40 ~ 50. But now most of them are gone.

"when everyone is copied America, localized lack of consideration, Chinese users do not buy it, but also very serious burn." Cui Jian recalls the reporter. He has been working in the industry for ten years and is a veteran".

After the silence of

, the outbreak has come to the end of 2012. Cui Jian found that B2B products can meet the