Video network 2011 domain name aspect those information change corn

last week, potatoes, Sohu video, LETV announced a joint technical measures on Youku’s database search search shielding, video sites and concern, has been leading domestic video showing a "go" situation, is to increase the site competition, is also one of the domain name right. The most powerful element of competition in 2011, the major domestic video website, what are the domain name "


to abandon the brand name domain name – popcorn

Pinyin domain status has been highly respected, although the domestic video website struggles, but some video sites in the domain name strategy layout is a step not slack off, in 2011, May "abandon" popcorn has been used for the domain name, launched a comprehensive Chinese memory more easily 3P domain name, is more protective take, which shows that the degree of attention and popcorn network for the domain name domain name vision, phonetic domain "pomoho" is indeed better remember.

video network layout expansion Pinyin domain name

said, playing Pinyin domain names are optimistic about the alphabet, but only you look good, companies do not look good, then there is no market demand. In 2011, the domestic video website many fancy Pinyin domain, and these enterprises in the domestic video industry are also celebrated. In 2011 March, Thunder KanKan generous to buy a "look" Diepin the domain name, after the opening of domain name, domain name and application at the same time, reduce user error memory to remember domain name wrong possibility, money flow, full bowl win. Cool 6 network in 2011 is to play a low-key, twice the acquisition of the Pinyin domain onlookers, theater, and the introduction of the corresponding video site.

2011, the domain name field is still in pinyin and digital two categories as the main elements, of course, is not the only video site domain name this kind of domain name, domain name, domain name in the digital creative and other types of domain name applications have, and the market seems to be ignored? In 2011, in addition to fight outside the range, video what industry concern


Qiyi Larry domain into a creative m

2011 video industry "thunder" thing, that is November, Baidu’s independent video site Qiyi network launched a new brand "Iqiyi" and the new domain name, licence for video, Qiyi network Larry domain become "unsung heroes", the domain name for jump. This is the first video for Larry domain to "I" creative domain name case. Odd art network for the domain name there is a certain damage, but other views that this is another development opportunity, after all, the domestic I series of domain name application platform is still a lot, such as Phoenix >