CNNC China’s nternet development is changing from quantity to quality

The development of the theme of

[review] China Internet has converted from penetration upgrade to use a deeper level".


Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) January 16th news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today in Beijing, the thirty-third China Internet development statistics report. The report shows that as of December 2013, China’s Internet users reached 618 million, a total of more than a year of new Internet users of 53 million 580 thousand. Internet penetration rate of 45.8%, compared with the end of 2012 to improve by 3.7 percentage points.

CNNIC said the overall growth rate of Internet users continued to slow down. At the same time, mobile phone users continue to maintain good growth, the scale reached 500 million, an annual growth rate of 19.1%, mobile phones continue to maintain the status of the largest Internet terminal. The higher proportion of new Internet users mobile phone also shows the role of mobile phone users to promote growth.

2013 China’s new Internet users in the proportion of mobile Internet access up to 73.3%, much higher than the proportion of Internet users of other devices, the phone is still the main driver of China’s Internet users growth.

China’s Internet development from quantity to quality


December 2013, China’s Internet penetration rate of 45.8%, compared with the end of 2012 to enhance the rate of 3.7 percentage points, the penetration rate of growth continued to slow down since 2011. Overall, the development of the Internet has China theme from the penetration upgrade to use a deeper level, and the policy and environment in recent years to provide strong support to change the use of depth.

first, the national policy support, 2013 issued the "State Council state" several opinions on promoting information consumption to expand domestic demand, the overall economic and social status of the Internet in the Internet; secondly, combined with the traditional economy more closely, have good application such as shopping, logistics, payment and financial aspects; thirdly, Internet applications gradually changing people life forms have a greater change in daily life in the basic necessities of life.

rapid development of high flow mobile applications

2013, the mobile terminal video, music and other traffic requirements for larger services grew rapidly, including mobile video users grew significantly. As of December 2013, China’s mobile phone users to watch online or download the video was 247 million, compared with the end of 2012, an increase of 112 million people, an increase of up to 83.8%. Mobile video jumped to the fifth mobile Internet applications.

Promote the use of

mobile phone terminal high flow application rate growth mainly due to three reasons, the first is the transfer of Internet users to the mobile phone terminal, the overall Internet users for the use of the computer rate continues to decline; second, improve the use of the basic environment, such as the development of intelligent mobile phone and wireless network to attract more users.