UC site navigation enabled domain uc123 com to mimic Baidu hao123

renamed China (eName.cn) April 10th hearing, UC released the PC version of the UC browser in the afternoon, we all know this, but UC also has its own web site navigation, people know relatively little, the domain name for the site navigation uc123.com.

The domain name is very similar to the Baidu

site navigation hao123.com, renamed China through domain whois information query, uc123.com registered in 2005, the domain name holder for UC display. Through the domain name information records management system query display, the domain name in March 4th this year for the record. The rest of the suffix domain name, uc123.cn has jumped to ppwz.com, for the bubble site navigation.

Since the Baidu

site navigation site navigation hao123.com known to every family, many have adopted the "combination of spelling or abbreviations + number 123" as the site navigation, and has recently launched the 123 financial navigation website domain name is jr123.com.

Xiao Bian has just downloaded the PC version of the UC browser, open to find that the browser is the home page UC navigation uc123.com, it seems that UC premeditated ah!