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added the largest community network "who added" suddenly unable to open, which really let love "irrigation" owners with the back rush, we have added to other forums posting on the forum to ask why close, bluntly, feeling very frustrated".


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resident Mr. Zhao said, July 12th afternoon, as usual he logged "who added" community network, but that has been cancelled "page to the web page navigation". He thought he was a problem with the network, but still can not log after the check. Subsequently, he logged in "small community", found that many owners are talking about the matter. Since the site did not advance notice, we are not informed, many residents speculated that the site may be black". Zhao refresh the Internet every day, but a week later, the site has not yet returned to normal.

yesterday, the website still can not open the page display: "according to relevant instructions," who added "community website recently conducted an internal reorganization, all services suspended during this period, the inconvenience to you please understand." Resident Mr. Wang said, the forum has become a part of his life, we can find some second-hand exchange, carpool information, and old neighbors sharing street shooting pictures, we were unable to sign him like a bad habit, only temporarily moved to other small forum. The reporter found login Tiantongyuan other social networks, many owners have shifted over.

"who added" website staff revealed that in July 11th, the site has received notice of the relevant departments to shut down, but the exact cause is not clear. They are trying to negotiate with the relevant departments, but it is not clear when the site will return to normal.

it is understood that live in small community network was founded in 2004, has been hailed as the spiritual home of the owners of residents. The site was closed in early 2008 due to a lack of records.