Five years of wind and rain DNSPod nternational Edition officially launched in March 9th

according to DNSPod official news, after nearly a year of development and preparation, March 9, 2011 DNSPod international version of the official on-line, committed to providing stable and reliable DNS analysis services for global users. Five years ago today, it is the official registration of the domain name day, after its continuous development, DNSPod on 2009 in October to get angel investment and the establishment of the company, began commercial operation. As of 2011, February, DNSPod has more than 230 thousand users, the domain name, the domain name of the record, the daily processing of DNS request more than 2 billion 600 million times a day.


DNSPod international version is different from the original version of the Chinese version of the independent, mainly for the exception of mainland China and other countries and regions to provide users with safe and stable analytical services. The international version of DNSPod by professional international team, all the code after the re development, whether it is from the layout design, operation mode and have functions different from the domestic version, more suitable for foreign users accustomed to the operation. DNS servers and sites are also deployed in foreign countries, the United States across the East and west coasts of the United States, Germany, France, and will gradually increase the nodes of Japan, Australia, singapore.


DNSPod international version in addition to real-time effect, the original version is not limited to domestic inheritance domain record number, pan analysis, dynamic DNS, downtime switching classical function, also added many useful functions, such as the division of regions, continents and countries in accordance with free URL forwarding, down to 1s TTL, mixed pan analytical SRV record support, pure IPv6 support, DNSSec support, unique DNSPod (a* and so on, UI also design a powerful and easy to use and high protection capabilities security module are the highlight of the international version of service.

at present, the international version of DNSPod will use the domain to provide free services to domestic and overseas users, DNSPod will use the domain name version will continue to provide services for users in mainland china. Future DNSPod international version will also launch a variety of packages available for users to choose and provide services to the mainland’s foreign trade enterprises.