Monster sale chinahr com Bailout can not be sold or closed will be the parent company Monster to sell the news recently raised concern. Yesterday, insiders told reporters, the acquisition of has been "I work". did not respond positively to the news of the acquisition, but confirmed Monster seeking to sell

Monster in the third quarter of last year net loss of $194 million 200 thousand, from losses reached $233 million. Monster hopes to reduce operating costs through the sale of

if it cannot be sold or will be closed

2005, Monster propped Announced the release of the Monster 2012 fiscal year three quarterly in November last year, will seek to sell its previously invested more than $200 million acquisition of, and will complete the transaction within the time limit in the delineation of "the end of the fiscal year".

, according to media reports, since the sale was announced, also did not find a suitable buyer. Its price has been as low as less than $10 million.

The latest news reporters obtained is

Monster has been sold to another network recruitment company "my network days ago (myjob)". Yesterday, according to an IT executive told reporters that has been determined by acquisition of my work, but the specific amount of the acquisition is unknown. It is reported that I work with network online recruitment websites in the sub station Shanghai and Guangzhou City, provide recruitment services.

is not a positive response to the acquisition of the message

yesterday, in a written reply to confirm the Monster to sell it, but that does not mean that "seeking to sell has been sold, which simply means that the Monster in the initiative to seek every opportunity to promote the better development of"

addition, a written reply also mentioned, "in the meantime, will promote business as in the past. will continue through the online platform and campus recruitment platform with excellent talents for customers." Hit group senior analyst Feng Po said, in recent years, online recruitment website pattern has been changed, qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, while still in the top three, but the overall share of the total ratio has fallen.