Adsense network broadcast Tencent Ali group to give way to subvert the video site

1 Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing: one to one marketing is the electricity business trend

Dangdang to ensure that the book category in the industry in an absolute advantage, but also in the development of clothing category. In the days before the end of the 2013 iResearch annual summit of CEO Li Guoqing on books, clothing category, in his opinion selling books with experience in the field of clothing.

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2 grand literature split and change: the intersection of interests and destiny

the most difficult to manage Chinese Internet company, why the core business and the team will split, it will be for the entire network literature industry brings new changes to what kind of


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3 Baidu PPS website to complete the video to subvert the pattern of

news May 8th, Baidu acquired PPS, the Iqiyi’s integration, Chinese Internet video industry revival. In May 7th, Baidu announced a $370 million acquisition of PPS video services to all of the shares, and merge with the Iqiyi PPS video service. Baidu said the business after the merger, the whole platform, user scale, time to achieve the industry’s first, Iqiyi will become the largest Internet video platform Chinese.

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Baidu PPS video business marriage: short-term difficult to challenge Youku potatoes

4 Ali adjustment of China’s business structure sales technical operations were restructured

May 8th afternoon, the Alibaba group today announced that the Alibaba will Chinese (CBU) business structure adjustment, sales system, technology and products, website and industry operations team fused separately with different internal departments, and construction of a more complete ecological system.

It is reported that

, ICBU and CBU will be the original sales service system (International Business Alibaba) fusion service marketing system, to create a full Ali group for small business customers unified service and sales system, Alibaba group management executive committee member Wu Minzhi will be in charge of the business, she was in charge of ICBU business.

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