Jinhua Zhejiang’s first domain name theft case cracked two top level domain name to the United State

after more than a month of police investigation Jinhua network, 5·, 5 Jinhua science and technology co.. City Public Security Bureau police detachment Changjiang spring proud told reporters yesterday afternoon, cracked the case for some special network enthusiasts, domain name, domain name and website hosting all the Mailbox Manager sounded the alarm.

two top-level domain name to

May 9th, Jinhua science and Technology Co., a report to the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment net, the domain administrator said the company was found in May 5th, which all of the company’s two international top-level domain www.22.com and www.90.com by others through illegal means supporting tube site transferred to the GODADDY domain name hosting site is located in the United States from Xiamen 35 Internet domain name, all people information two names were changed, the company has lost control of the two domain name. It is understood that the purchase price of these two domains in 2009 amounted to more than 110 yuan, the current market price is estimated at about 5 million yuan.

after receiving the report, Jiang Chunao immediately dispatched elite police task force composed of the investigation.

in the in-depth analysis of the case, the panel found that the domain name transfer program is actually quite simple, not enabled domain names are hosted in the domain hosting company, as long as the company can provide a password will transfer the domain to other companies. Therefore, to carry out the transfer of the two domain names involved in the domain name must also master the identity of the identity of the domain name and domain name management e-mail [email protected] control. Not to the 35 Xiamen Internet company Polytron Technologies Inc to provide photocopies of identity cards of all domain names will not be able to start the domain transfer procedures, control and management of domain name no mailbox cannot obtain the password required to transfer the domain name.

The police found traces of


group through contact domain hosting company and mailbox management company, found traces of the offender: 35 Xiamen Internet company Polytron Technologies Inc is in receipt of a report from the Hubei Wuhan express to send transfer domain password, and the perpetrators had used the mailbox [email protected] with the company’s customer service staff, and reflect the mail log just login address in Hubei of Wuhan.

later, members of the task force was dispatched to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other places in-depth investigation. But then the verification of the situation is not satisfactory, express mail is the use of false information, not to use [email protected] mailbox after committing the crime, the case detection into a puzzle. The task force did not give up, the integration of massive data to three police and related to the case, re launched repeated analysis and collision. After more than and 10 days of intense competition with the boring figures, a young man named Jiang Yan entered the police’s line of sight.

special interest slide into the abyss of crime