WeChat store destabilize Taobao zero threshold access needs to pay 20 thousand deposit

introduction: WeChat public platform yesterday officially launched the WeChat store, who opened a WeChat payment function of the certification service is available on the public platform for self application WeChat store function, so as to achieve quick batch add merchandise shop. "WeChat store" on the line, means that WeChat in the public platform to realize access modes of technology "zero threshold", challenge the official Taobao business.


shop is small "Wuzangjuquan"

after a closed beta, the WeChat store opened the way is more simple, as long as the company has received the WeChat certified service, self-service applications. Merchants simply log on to the WeChat public platform web page, enter the service center, you can see the entrance of WeChat shop, click the details, in accordance with the operating tips can be applied to open.

if the business has not yet opened WeChat payment, the system will prompt businesses to launch WeChat payment, merchants fill out the merchant and pay WeChat key, submit an application and wait for the results of the audit, through the audit, you can start the trial operation in the "WeChat store".

WeChat shop based on WeChat to pay through the public account of the sale of goods, can be achieved, including shop, goods shelves, shelf management, customer relationship maintenance, rights and other functions. Businesses through the WeChat store feature, but also to provide users with the details of the original product experience, the shelf is also more concise. "Good medicine", for example, users pay attention to "WeChat public account good medicine" after entering the WeChat store, you can see the types of drugs being sold as "traditional Chinese medicine", "mother zone", "health / delicacy", "Home Furnishing medical", visual and intuitive. Bargains businesses set, such as "recommended products", "limited time offer", can be displayed in the theme of the page.

zero cost shop technology is no longer a threshold

for productioncosts, Tencent spokesman Zhang Jun said that the WeChat store does not charge any fees, including margin, but businesses want to open the WeChat payment function before the WeChat store, WeChat paid 20 thousand yuan to pay the deposit.

previously, WeChat public platform has been opened to the WeChat payment function, businesses and businesses, especially the electricity supplier industry for WeChat public platform capacity needs to be further improved. However, if you want to achieve electricity supplier functions, you may need to have a strong technical development capabilities. And now there is a WeChat shop, even if the business does not have any technical development capabilities, you can also open the electricity supplier model, the classification of goods, zoning display, truly zero cost shop.

at the same time, some merchants have the ability to develop, but also by way of API interface, developed retail systems, more convenient management of product data and other content related to the interface through the authority, to achieve more.

it is understood that the good pharmacist access WeChat shop into the trial operation, but added a simple entry in the custom menu, in the absence of any publicity and operation live >