The first 18 training Comsenz community operators into the west city tour in July

with the arrival of summer, a variety of training courses also came to the peak season. To the Internet for the training of individual owners will be carried out in the end community operations training activities in the summer to make up the popularity. July, this training is about to move into the west, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an and the surrounding area to bring together a webmaster web site operation, technical explanation, imparting experience and skills training feast".

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, the "growth will end" community operations training activities conducted by Comsenz (Comsenz) jointly initiated and implemented and its "stationmaster" club activities at the same time is "stationmaster" club 2009 18 National City interactive tour, the training activities will be gradually carried out in Shanghai, Nanjing, Ji’nan, Guangzhou, and Changchun Hangzhou, Urumqi and other 18 city. Comsenz responsible person said, "Comsenz eight years in operation of the community has accumulated rich experience, community operation skills and technical essence, initiated the training activities is to put these accumulated application into practice, to help make the Internet around the webmaster, practitioners can really put the site management, so as to promote the vigorous development. Development around the Internet enterprise. At the same time, the training is also to continue in April this year, held in Beijing, the 2009 session of the fourth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet theme".


Comsenz President Dai Zhikang Tianjin training site tells the domestic first hand the actual operation experience of



Zhengzhou training site popularity high

addition, the training activities for community forum technology and combat operations training, community SNS operation skill and experience in training, web games and social games combined operations training, search technology and advertising alliance value creation training, local and vertical web community website marketing training practical subjects. In June, has been successfully held in Tianjin, Zhengzhou, and by many of the two well-known webmaster enthusiastic participation. At present, the July 19-20 Chengdu Railway Station, Chongqing Railway Station, 21-22 on the day of July, 24-25 XiAn Railway Station on the day of is accepted.

training details:

about the "stationmaster" Club: "stationmaster" Club ( Chinese is the most influential internet entrepreneurs club, by the Chinese largest Internet community platform and service provider Comsenz (Comsenz) was founded, to Chinese most dynamic internet entrepreneurs and managers (commonly known as group, regular organization webmaster) to provide a learning, friendship and mutual aid. At present, the "club" club is providing members with industry information, technical guidance, business training, exchange of friendship, preferential procurement, talent push