The 5 inspiration from the nternet bubble survivor


has been 15 years since the crazy Internet boom in 1999. With the first Internet boom of the past few years as a super – Hot initial public offering, the boom peaked after some time. Of course, it beat faster.

today, the lingering memories of the time – luxurious rooftop party, creating metoric IPOs and wealth (at least on paper) — feel both legendary and strange. As the market valuation of Twitter is 70 times that of income, and the cost of the technology center is rising, the debate over whether another era of irrational exuberance is coming, or has come.

just as there will be a recession, there will always be survivors in the depression. The hottest startups at the end of 1990s, there are still many still full of vigour, especially on the Internet (e.g. Akamai, Juniper), commercial software (such as RedHat) and consumers (such as Angie’s List, Shutterfly network) etc..

is even more striking is that the first generation of Internet start-ups in the hands of not only successfully survived, and has become the largest market value of billions of dollars or billions of brands. Whether the Internet industry will usher in the next boom and depression, on how to build a durable start-up companies, the following five companies are giving people a lesson.

Amazon (Amazon): in any case, adhere to the vision, but also according to the data to adjust the vision. Geoff Bezos wrote the annual shareholders has not sent a letter to what changes over the years. 1997, he said Amazon will create value for shareholders in the long run. In order to achieve this goal, he will "extend and consolidate our current market leadership", while "adhere to the customer oriented."

even in the recession, Amazon also insisted on these two points. In the company’s insistence on the initial vision, its long-term shareholders have been rewarded, Amazon’s market capitalization has now reached $185 billion. Amazon is firm but not stubborn. It keeps track of customer data, how they use the web, and what makes them resonate. In order to achieve the expansion of the Amazon, while improving the long-term goals. Focus on the customer’s Amazon has never stopped, perhaps than they know, they know the customers better.

Netflix: serve a need that will not disappear, but may change over time. Reed, like Bezos, has a long term goal in mind, as is the case with Mr. He told fortune in 2009: "when people are in pain, you want to play aspirin, not vitamins.". Aspirin can effectively solve the specific problem of some people, and vitamins are a general "not essential" market. >