Red war Ali’s city is how you lost

The failure of

Spring Festival Red wars, Alipay. War, WeChat red a total of more than 1 billion times, shake the peak reached 810 million times / min; Alipay red number 240 million, the number of 29 million 980 thousand people participated in. Tencent beat ali. You will say that the current market value is not the largest Ali for two are not short of money for the Lord, the market value is really not important, it is important to confidence and future. For a vulgar idea, the two rulers have a son, a girl practicing sword, a less attention, you said is fortune more or than Ali son? Only future now is Alipay, the city lost his interpretation of this article?.


1, WeChat’s rise, Wang Sicong’s micro-blog


is a parody of the American WhatsApp association started, through the mail list and association of QQ promotion two knives, steady "communication" this function. Many domestic imitation, but only WeChat, m chat, Yi Xin, Fetion, and from so are not sound, because Tencent caitaiqicu


not really, all of the imitator, only WeChat to focus on the control of noise, stability, the three points on the user experience. Other competitors, even before death, did not want to clear the control of noise is the focus of operation!

for the future of WeChat, Ma Huateng support WeChat, at the expense of QQ. WeChat war QQ, the results Sina micro-blog die. Eternal rule, the boss and the second war, the third suffer


to say that a closed system, an open system, micro-blog will not die. In fact, micro-blog has become a platform for the manufacture of noise and false data, so only Wang Sicong, a member of the national husband’s fans are excited to say, "husband, Cao me".

a lot of money, but also a lot of fun will not be rich, so the 2014 micro-blog belong to Wang Sicong, that is, that is not rich, expensive.

of course, Sina micro-blog did not die, in fact, contains a huge energy, the opponent is not WeChat, depending on the product and operational strategy.

2, Ali panic, blocking WeChat link

a lot of people have always thought that WeChat blocked Taobao, in fact, just say anti. In the early days, Ali afraid they formed the habit of shopping share in WeChat, and relied on their own hefty shielding directly from WeChat links, is afraid of sharing this judgment is the shopping entrance.

Taobao’s biggest revenue is advertising, whether it is through the train, or key words, it is a shopping Baidu model.

when Ali very blocked Baidu, Diao fried days!, Ban Ban beauty, banned all third party shopping evaluation platform. But this is wrong, then repeat the stock tricks. Like Baidu and Taobao, Taobao and WeChat do not