Network letter office shut down 128 marriage website is difficult to become a major positive industr


| Li Qing

(the first easy language in May 17th), led by the national network information office, since the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of civil affairs and the National Women’s Federation, and other relevant departments jointly carry out the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work carried out for 3 months, had to shut down 128 serious violations of dishonesty dating sites (including marriage website channel), and ordered more than 20 site rectification or stop network rectification. In the network letter office announced the rectification work started, the major marriage sites that sound support. The main brand website that, to carry out special rectification in the dating market chaos serious situation, it is necessary for the long-term healthy development of the industry, the industry is a major positive.

there is no doubt that the relevant departments to punish and close a number of dating sites, there is a strong practical necessity. Because some of the marriage website has not only become a hotbed of dissemination of pornography, the disclosure of privacy information to citizens, but also affect the social atmosphere. The presence of these dating sites and wreak havoc, but also let the formal operation of the marriage site affected, to the community with all kinds of bad stereotypes. 128 serious violations of dishonesty dating sites are closed, more than 20 sites rectification or stop network consolidation, the main brand of love and marriage website will support.

however, in my opinion, more than and 100 dating sites were affected by the closure of punishment, although conducive to purify the network and social atmosphere, but the mainstream dating sites business development, but did not bring much practical help, not what the major positive".

one night stand, as those who engage in dating porn online transaction platforms, such as the closed "Huan Yeqing dating", the customer had not normal marriage. In other words, these sites and mainstream dating sites, originally developed on the two track, not in the same business areas constitute competition. The reason why they are more than the name of the site, love and marriage, the words, mainly to avoid the legal blow. Since the original is not the actual competitors, these sites are hit down, have much relationship with the mainstream dating sites? That is their own winning opportunities, don’t default himself as their


second, hundreds of problems dating website was closed after a real impact on the mainstream dating sites will be the site for many users "positions" lost, you may go to the mainstream dating sites and activities. Obviously, there is not to be divulged purpose users, in the mainstream dating sites need to disguise themselves, data, words and deeds are not too naked". This is not a good thing for mainstream marriage website, because audit management costs will increase. If you are captured, may let oneself come to naught.

third, the relevant departments of the serious violations of dishonesty dating sites, of course, but also for the mainstream website to do a credit endorsement, but it can help them to play little profit. Over the years, mainstream dating sites in popularity, the number of users has been considerable, but profitability has been a problem. Why? Except for love and marriage